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Mobile Marketing for Craft Beer

*Posting your rotating tap list on social media?
Facebook? Only 16% of posts are viewed.
Twitter: Constant stream. Here one second, gone the next!

Video demo: Click Here to See it in action!   Watch the video demo

Rotating TAP ALERTS!

Because you rotate your beer taps constantly, your customers will love the ability to get text message alerts when their favorite beer, brewery, or style goes on tap at your store!

Simply create an account with us, select a keyword for customers to text & then place a sign at the bar (or your growler wall) so that customers can sign-up. When you tap a new keg, go to a mobile web page, select the beer from the list and send a message to those customers interested in knowing about it.

Schedule the message to send at, say, 4pm in the afternoon and you've now got customers coming in for an otherwise unplanned visit -- It's just that simple!  View demo video

In-stock ALERTS

Craft beer enthusiasts are eager to be one of the first to try the special seasonal and limited release beers. Why not create a special text message "VIP Beer Club" that lets them be the first to know when these special beers are in stock?

Research firm eMarketer reports that 94% of people open SMS text messages that they've opted-in to receive, and it only takes them 4 minutes on average to do so. Better still, around 70% react to those messages according to the Direct Marketing Association. Facebook also self-reported this year that only 16% of a businesses' status updates are read by it's fans on average.

Just like the TAP ALERTS system, allow customers to register to receive ALL special release notifications, or just specific ones.   View demo video
Customer feedback.

Beer (or wine) of the Month Club

You've probably already seen this at your local pharmacist or dry cleaner, but now you can offer a similar reminder service to your Beer of the month club members.

Simply add them to your texting list on our website, and when their package is ready to pickup you find their name and send a message like "Beer Club: Come on by the Fairfield store to pick up your Oktoberfest beers! Open til 11pm tonight"

Now that's taking customer service to a whole new level.
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